Welcome to seven eleven scholastic school

At SESS, your child gets education and knowledge in a comfortable, friendly and homely environment. Spacious and Air conditional classroom bring in the comfort, the right kind of peers makes the classroom friendly and trained, experienced and motherly teachers make the environment homely. Here each child is special and individualized attention is given to all. Teaching and learning is a happy and enriching experience, both for the teacher and the learner. Learning is not only through boards but also through the electronic media .Student visit labs to have practice exposure to ensure an in depth learning. From field trips to educational excursions and fun field picnic's, children are expand to a plethora of things. Your child is not only ready for an exam but is ready for life.
To sum it up all...
Scholastics have an aura of excellence around them.

About Us

SEVEN ELEVEN SCHOLASTIC SCHOOL has earned itself a great name in the field of education in a short span of time in the Mira-Bhayandar area.
Imparting the ICSE curriculum, SESS has made a difference to the lives of hundreds of children. In true spirits, the school is beyond imagination, with its high educational standards and unique teaching methodology.
We, at SESS, provide a safe, secure happy and well disciplined learning environment to our children and will continue to do so with improving standards.

The Curriculum

Seven Eleven Scholastic is an English medium co-educational institution with Pre-Primary and Secondary sections following the ICSE curriculum.