General School Rules

He who opens a school door, closes a prison

Conduct in the bus

  • Boarding and alighting from the bus should be done in a queue.
  • Keep the noise levels down as it distracts the driver.
  • Eating / chewing gum is prohibited.
  • Be at the designated bus stop 5 min before the bus arrives.
  • All students have to ensure that discipline is maintained in the bus at all time.
  • Addressing the bus staff in a polite and respectful manner is a desirable behavior.

  • Senior girls and boys must ensure that they take care of the smaller children / kids and make them comfortable in the bus.
  • Standing, pushing, fighting, disobeying the bus attendants or any kind of indiscipline by the student is liable to be penalized.
  • Throwing food and water out of the bus windows, while in the bus, will not acceptable.
  • Follow all safety rules to ensure that no accidents take place because every life is precious.

In the Canteen

  • Order and hygiene are the key words in a canteen, therefore all students are expected to move around in an orderly manner, from queues and sit on the stools provided, while eating.
  • Students must be careful not to spill food on the floor or dirty the area around them while eating.

In the Library

  • All students must move in a queue while entering and leaving the library.
  • Silence has to be maintained at all times.
  • Students found damaging the books will be penalized.
  • Books issued need to be returned by the due date or else a fine will be levied.
  • Books, lost or damaged, while in the custody of the student must be paid for or replaced.
  • Before a student issues a book he must report any imperfection found in the books to the librarian to avoid any unnecessary penalties.
  • Only academics activities will be carried out in the library.

In the Playgrounds

  • All students must follow the instructions given by the P. E. Teacher.
  • Running around carelessly and unruly behavior will be dealt with strictly.

Code of Conduct

To give your child the right upbringing and values and to ensure that your child is following the right road to success, we, the school and you, Parents have to work and walk hand in hand. Our children are our future that we are nurturing today; keeping this in mind we have a few expectations from you as parents.
  • Refrain from using language that is not conducive to the child’s mindset, in his presence.
  • Do not use derogatory remarks for teachers which will encourage the child to disrespect his teachers.
  • Try to talk to your child in English to give him/her enough exposure to the language, which is the need of the hour.
  • Parents are requested to refrain from giving any gifts to members of the staff.
  • Courtesy, Manners and Respect are the mandates of Seven Eleven Scholastic School culture.
  • We expect all students and their families to understand and abide by the same in all situations and with everyone in the school.
  • It is expected for all connected with Seven Eleven family to respect and drill this culture in seld and around.