Field Trip

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Trips and Excursions

Trips and excursions offer children the opportunity to bond, while sharing new and exciting experiences. These trips are not just recreational; they offer children insights into the lives of other people. Inspiring and being inspired, children often return with a fresh perspective or a new skill. Field trips are a popular activity for all students.. Aims and objectives of field trips are to provide experiential learning (application of principles and concepts learnt for multiple subjects), holistic development (physical, social and emotional), and to enable formative assessment. Based on the expected learning outcomes, all outdoor activities/experiential programs are planned, designed and incorporated into the curriculum framework and lesson plans.

Field Trip SCHEDULE FOR THE AY- 2017-18

S No Date Details Place
1 25th April, 2017 Tuesday Grade I – II Sea n Rock
2 13th June, 2017 Tuesday Pre-primary A Visit to the Nursery
3 20th June, 2017 Tuesday Grade III - V A Visit to Butterfly park
4 11th July, 2017 Tuesday Grade VI - IX Pagoda
5 8th August, 2017 Tuesday Grade III - V Fort
6 18th August, 2017 Friday Grade VI - IX Visit to an old age home
7 22nd August, 2017 Tuesday Pre-primary Places of Worship
8 6th September, 2017 Wednesday Grade I – II Places of Worship
9 12th September, 2017 Tuesday Pre-primary Pagoda
10 7th November, 2017 Tuesday Grade I – II A Visit to Butterfly park
11 14th November, 2017 Tuesday Pre-primary Chef Day- Mcdonald’s Kitchen Visit
12 12th December, 2017, Tuesday Pre-primary Visit to an old age home
13 17th March, 2018, Saturday Picnic
14 19th March, 2018, Monday Picnic

Field Trip