Extra Curricular

He who opens a school door, closes a prison

There are a plethora of extra curricular activities which are woven into the academic timetable and which take place during the activities periods.


SESS introduce Technology to young enthusiastic students and sowing seeds of technology from the right age to give our nation better quality of engineers and technocrats in future. Our robotics curriculum will help students understand how to connect the things they read in Science and Math's textbooks to technology and day to day life examples. Since practical education which is the need of hour.


Through a regularized routine of Yoga and Meditation, Various asanas and breathing exercises form an integral part of their schedule. Not only does it develop their physical ability and vitality, but also helps them channelize their energy and temper them down. The practice of several yogic postures and asanas has really enhanced the concentration abilities of our learners.

Self defence Training

SESS provides holistic approach based completely on self-defence.
The training is based on mixed martial arts, a composition of techniques taken from karate, kickboxing, Tang su doo.
Our students will be taught basic, practical self-defence skills, which will enable them to get away safely from any untoward situation as quickly as possible.


SESS provides regular sessions of skating , students develop specific skills in small groups based on their abilities so that they can absorb the most out of every lesson.

Western Dance

SESS teaches student various forms of western dances from jazz to hip hop to ball room to bollywood


Children are given exposure to the Fine Arts through activities in the Performing and Visual Arts. Each activity gives unique opportunities for creativity and development that caters to a child’s passion and interest.