Curriculum Primary / Secondary

Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard


The Primary School covers a period of five years wherein the scope and depth of learning increase gradually, while opportunities for play and creative expression continue to complement learning. Learning domains expand to widen the horizons of the child's thoughts. While the pedagogy and Methodology of teaching in the mentioned domains would be dominated by interaction and encouraged enquiry.

Apart from strengthening a students education base the syllabi hones the students capacity to reason, judge, evaluate and decide. There are well equipped labs, computer rooms and audio-visual rooms to help him learn the relevant concepts and understand them.
Apart from the prescribed syllabi, the student has a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to choose from. Every child is unique and has some or other sills which can be polished and refined and the school provides ample opportunities to do so.
At every level we pursue excellence and encourage the students to archieve to the utmost of their ability and to excel and to prepare the students for ICSE board examination.

  1. English language development
  2. Hindi language development
  3. Numerical and logical skills
  4. Environmental awareness
  5. Scientific reasoning and thinking skills
  6. Society and values
  7. Physical development
  8. Creative demonstration (art/craft/dance/music/theatre)
  9. Third language
  10. Technology
  11. Specialized talent /vocational skills

Assignments/Projects :

We are proposing this to be a bag less-school; home-assignments will be very light, thus reducing the burden on the child and the parent.

Co curricular and extracurricular activities :

Besides co curricular activities that are inbuilt in the daily academic schedule, the school provides opportunity to each child to participate, recognize and excel in their field of competence and talents. And to permit the same, SESS organizes activities for all students after the academic schedule.

Day's Schedule for Primary/Secondary

Academic schedule

Time Activity
07:50 am to 07.55 am Settling Time
7.50 am 07:55 am to 8.05 am Assembly
to 8.05 am to 08:40 am 1st Period
2.00 pm 08:40am to 9.15 am 2nd Period
09.15 am to 09.25 am Fruit Break
09:25 am to 10.00 am 3rd Period
10.00 am to 10.35 am 4th Period
10.35 am to 11.10 am 5th Period
11.10 am to 11.30 am Meal Time
11.30 am to 12:05 pm 6th Period
12:05 pm to 12.40 pm 7th Period.
12.40 pm to 01:15 pm 8th Period.
01:15 pm to 01.55 pm Activity Time.
01.55 pm to 02:00 pm Dispersal