He who opens a school door, closes a prison

Seven Eleven Scholastic School’s academic plan aims at making learning interesting, allowing adequate time and scope for holistic development of the student in a stress-free environment. The focus especially in the primary years would be not on judging them on their academic performance but on providing input for their balanced growth. The achievement record for these classes is designed keeping in view the competency requirements of the students. The CCE tasks would be spread across the year with a consolidation every semester. The Board recommends a five-point scale for indicating achievements.

Reporting Students Achievement

While reporting students’ achievements in different areas, indirect grading on an absolute with five points will be used. The grades will stand for the following distribution of marks.

BVery Good56-74%
DScope for ImprovementBelow 35%

The grade of the students can be computed in the achievement card based on the percentage indicator in the above category. Certain remarks can be made in scholastic and co-scholastic areas as well as the achievements level of the child. There remarks will help the parents and the child to provide learning skills in that area by devoting more learning efforts.


1. Since we are proposing this to be a bag less school, home-assignments will be very light, thus reducing the burden on the child and the parent. 2. Most of the written work will be done in school. 3. Nevertheless, projects given as home assignments to students should be completed and submitted as per the instructions of the teacher. 4. Parents may assist the student in doing the projects but are requested to encourage their child to be independent thinkers and learners. 5. Incomplete assignments will not be accepted. 6. Parents are requested not to encourage their children by writing applications for not submitting their assignments on time. We need to inculcate certain values in our children for which we need your help. 7. Projects done must be in the child’s effort, in all respect.