School Council

Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard

House System

All the students in the school would be divided among four houses, whose names represent the elements of life and nature.

  1. Zephyr - Flying high
  2. Blaze - Forever Bright
  3. Turf - We stand firm
  4. Splash - The unstoppable

The Council members of SESS are hand picked and are trained to say 'we' and not 'I', because leaders say 'We' and dictators say 'I'.

List of Council Members A.Y - 2017 - 2018

Head Boy Hussain Soni
Head Girl Dilveen Sodhi
Jr. Head Boy Sean Carrapiett
Jr. Head Girl Hiya Rathod
House captain Khushi Arora
Sports captain Shezah Ansari
Prefect Prem Joshi, Soumya Agarwal
Discipline In Charge Arjun Ghone
House captain Mayank Tripathi
Sports captain Tannishta Kumar
Prefect Arshveen Sodhi, Prem Rana
Discipline In Charge Veer Rathod
House captain Mahek Patel
Sports captain Vaishnavi Agarwal
Prefect Adeeba Tahir, Arpit Tiwari
Discipline In Charge Sarika Agarwal
House captain Mohammad Rashid Ali
Sports captain Zaid Kazi
Prefect Henrietta Perreira, Maansi Dasmohapatra
Discipline In Charge Kabir Singh