All Round Development

He who opens a school door, closes a prison

All Round Development

1. Seven Eleven Scholastic school is here to make a difference for the local community of Mira Bhayanader by providing a school beyond imagination!

2. Our school is an extension of good family life and within our 'school family', each unique individual is respected and valued.

3. The interactive teaching methodology, theme based learning and application based learning will be the key highlights of the teaching methodology. It will also include project oriented study. The higher classes will have a research oriented study method.

4. Rote learning traditional technique of teaching isn't encouraged instead Applied Learning is the essence. The children get an opportunity to attend various school trips in order to extend their learning opportunities to make their classroom work even more interesting and relevant.

5. Our committed staff will work hard to develop each child's potential. To develop children with all round personality and help them become effective team players and creative and critical leaders.

6. Foreign language learning – French.

7. Activity Room, Sick Bay, Play-zones and Learning zones.

8. Adequate indoor and outdoor play areas have been reserved with basket ball, volley-ball, skating and proposed swimming area.

9. Educational trips, picnics and events develop a strong sense of belonging amongst all.
All Round Development