Shri. Narendra L. Mehta

Shri. Narendra L. Mehta

Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) – Mira-Bhayandar Municipal Corporation & Founder of Seven Eleven Education Society

As the Founder of SESS it is indeed a discerning prospect and discrete lead for me to serve in the splendid motive of providing reputed education to our students.

The recognition which SEVEN ELEVEN SCHOOLS enfolds is certainly ascribed to the constancy of our Trust, Administrators, Principals, Officials and Teachers. SESS’s eminence will get superior, when our children will embrace authority over investigations and executive services in recognized National/International summits of the country/globe.

Our students are qualified in SESS to be compatible individuals to pilot their personal lives and to lead the country. Their pioneering and ‘green-sustain’ approach will serve as pleasing features for the ‘acquaintance’ into which our world strides. The sustained uniqueness of SESS family is therefore an exclusive stock in the Pre- Primary and Primary Education in India.

The swell of our ICSE curriculum based Education has led to a fabulous advancement of the nation to achieve its strategic position as professionally and technically most superior country. Hence, SESS makes earnest attempt for our students to experience a hub of academic activities towards the development of Scientific and ICSE based education required for the wholesome progress of our nation. On behalf of the staff of SESS, I restate our promise to impart this class of productive and progressive education to our children in our institution.

Our Objective is “to make quality education accessible to the students coming from different Indian states and rural strata of our district, to provide them guidance as per their preference at affordable value along with the enhancement of their wisdom keeping pace with the technological velocity of the moment”. With this aim in vision, SESS Campus exists in a vast beautiful environment in the vicinity of our city.

We at SESS are steadfast to provide our children with excellent education and practical guidance. We accentuate on imparting excellent education to our students in a cheering environment; we pay lot of interest to the all-round development of our students. We provide them generous opportunities for giving expression to their inner literary, artistic, inventive and sports talents.

We wish for our students to be well educated, fine skilled and become “pertinent global citizens”. Our SESS family accords a hearty welcome to the young aspirants for an advanced learning.